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Croatia- Omiš bags in German newspaper Bild- Zeitung!!

Widely known influencer from Omiš promotes a bag from Cista,Croatia. :))

“Tradition in augmented reality”  

Turn everyday objects, images, and places into new opportunities for engagement through striking augmented reality experiences.  Try new way to interect with the world ! Here is another way of attracting customers to our e-shop (you need Metaverse App to scan the code) to buy circular design bags.
Scan the code with your phone (MetaverseApp) to experience the Augmented Reality used for advertising.Discover by yourself which product is in?



Who is the audience that

will find this product useful?

How eco-friendly is it?
Is it useful or innovative?
How does it make life easier/better?
Is the description clear and concise?
Is the story tied to product?
Does the language and other elements appeal to the intended audience?
How is audience persuaded to purchase the product?
Is it related and clear?
Does it help sell the product?
Is the font readable?

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Greek book cards promote circular economy in a page of an eco-magazine. In the same magazine are promoted  Christmas trees made by recycling fabrics from Bordeaux France:


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